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Saldoflex is an Italian company that has been manufacturing bag making machinery since 1961, the year of its foundation, in the case of Saldoflex, and flexographic printers in the case of its sister company FILIPPINI & PAGANINI.


SALDOFLEX has the following products:

Linea MODULA – bolsas con recogida plana sobre MESA AUTOMÁTICA:


  • T-shirt bag making machines with widths of 1100 and 1300 mm. from 1 to 6 tracks.
  • Máquinas de fondo y block notes con anchos de 1100 y 1300 mm. de 1 hasta 8 pistas.
  • Standard bottom bags length: 1200 mm. and up to 2000 mm. on demand.
  • Possibility of collecting the bags with or without needles (depending on the desired production).



  • In-line carton packaging system.
  • COMBI system for the production of block note bags also in the T-shirt lines.
  • Module for the production on the same machine of DISPOSABLE GLOVES (up to 8 tracks with a production speed of 200 cpm - 1600 pieces per minute), T-shirt bags and bottom.
  • Possibility of producing other shapes on demand, such as 2-finger mittens.
  • System with longitudinal sealing and triangles to produce in the same machine: T-SHIRT, BOTTOM, COATS AND PANTS used in beauty salons and hairdressing salons.


Linea ROLL-FLEX – bolsas en rollo:


  • Garbage bag rolls: From 1 to 3 tracks.
  • Fruit and vegetable bag maker up to 5 tracks.
  • Garbage bag maker with self-closing at 1 and 2 tracks.
  • Preparation of bottom bags with or without mandrel with possibility of closing roll with paper banner, up to 4 tracks.
  • Making of star-bottomed bags.
  • Manufacture of T-shirt bags on rolls with and without mandrel up to 4 tracks with possibility of closing with a banner: MACHINE EQUIPPED WITH AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE CONTROL SYSTEM IN THE INDEPENDENT ROLLER ON EACH TRACK.